Uncover the secrets of architectural brilliance with our collection of downloadable DWG floor plans for world-renowned masterpieces. Step through the virtual doors of history and gain an intimate understanding of these iconic structures. 

Explore intricate details, innovative design elements, and the stories behind each landmark. Our diverse selection spans across various architectural styles and eras.

Bauhaus Dessau

Bauhaus Dessau AutoCAD Plan The Bauhaus Dessau building, designed by Walter Gropius and completed in 1926, stands as a seminal work of modernist architecture, embodying

Steiner House Project

Steiner House Project AutoCAD Plan Architect: Adolf LoosLocation: Vienna, AustriaBuilt: 1910Materials: Roughcast walls , glass, Stucco DWG Download

Gericke House Project

Gericke House Project AutoCAD Plan Architect: Ludwig Mies van der RoheLocation: Wannsee-Berlin, GermanyBuilt: 1932Materials: Concrete, glass  DWG Download

Miró Foundation

Villa KBWW AutoCAD Plan Architect: Rafael MoneoLocation: Mallorca, SpainBuilt: 1992Materials: Concrete, alabaster, glass and wate DWG Download

Villa KBWW

Villa KBWW AutoCAD Plan Architect: MVRDVLocation: Utrecht, HolandaBuilt: 1995 – 1997Materials: Reinforced Concrete, Glass, Wood DWG Download

Magney House

Magney House AutoCAD Plan Architect: Glenn MurcuttLocation: South Coast, AustraliaArchitectural style: Sustainable architectureBuilt: 1982 – 1984Materials: aluminum painted steel, steel-stud frames, strengthened glass, corrugated iron roof coverings

Das Canoas House

Das Canoas House AutoCAD Plan Architect: Oscar NiemeyerLocation: Rio De Janeiro, BrazilArchitectural style: ModernBuilt: 1951Materials: Glass, concrete, Steel DWG Download

Maison d’Ozenfant

Maison d’Ozenfant AutoCAD Plan Architect: Le CorbusierLocation: Paris, FranceArchitectural style: ModernBuilt: 1922Materials: reinforced concrete DWG Download

Grotta House

Grotta House AutoCAD Plan Architect: Richard MeierLocation: New Jersey, United StatesArchitectural style: ModernBuilt: 1985-1989Materials: Concrete and glass DWG Download

Neue Staatsgalerie

Neue Staatsgalerie Architect: James StirlingLocation: Stuttgart, AlemaniaArchitectural style: classic and contemporaryBuilt: 1970Materials: Concrete, coated travertine, glass, metal rods, metal bars DWG Download

Gilardi House-Studio

Gilardi House-Studio AutoCAD Plan Architect: Luis BarraganLocation: MéxicoArchitectural style: ModernBuilt: 1976Materials: Reinforced concrete walls DWG Download

Luis Barragan House-Studio

Luis Barragan House-Studio AutoCAD Plan Architect: Luis BarraganLocation: MéxicoArchitectural style: ModernBuilt: 1948Materials:Wood, stone and whitewashed walls DWG Download