About Me

Hello! my name is Elvis Alcequiez (XOID is my artistic name), an architect with over a decade of experience in design and construction and, a CGI artist, I love illustration and the development of formal visual concepts.

Since I was a child I like illustration, I learned to draw by hand with some colored pencils that some missionaries from the local church gave me (I wanted a toy).

The first time I saw a CAD program many years ago, I was so intimidated by the black screen and the many colored lines in the drawing, for a moment I thought I would never use such a tool.

As time went by I learned AutoCAD in a self-taught way, what helped me the most was to see examples of other people working.

I work with several CAD programs, I have a workflow between the programs I use, I taught AutoCAD locally and virtually and currently AutoCAD is one of my fundamental work tools that I use daily.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by mail through the contact page, it is a pleasure for me to interact with you.