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Are all the drawings complete with details?

Many of the plans, both premium and free, contain all the engineering, structural, sanitary and electrical plans.

But, the Tiny House and Container House plans are blueprints that only contain Architectural plans, Dimensioned plans and elevations, sometimes I include detailed interior sections.

Some of the projects of World Famous Architects only include the Architectural plan.

The included drawings for premium plans are in both DWG and PDF format so they are editable.

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There are currently more than a hundred premium plans, with more being added over time.

The drawings are in DWG format version 2004, you must have AutoCAD or a DWG viewer to be able to open them, they are also in PDF format.

The use of the plans on this website must be for personal, educational or instructional use only, (it is illegal to resell or republish the plans) please read the website terms of use.

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Elvis Alcequiez


I am an architect, designer, 3D artist and content creator, with more than a decade of experience using CAD software.

I have experience as a construction manager and cost analyst of some projects designed and developed by myself, this has allowed me to have a general vision of architecture.

I have taught AutoCAD classes locally. This website has reached almost every country in the world serving the purpose of helping a lot of people for free.