Is it Cheaper To Buy A House Off Plan? ( Key Tips)

/ / Is it Cheaper To Buy A House Off Plan? ( Key Tips)

The most obvious and simple advice, but sometimes not taken into account, is to see if you like the neighborhood, that the apartment and the house is not enclosed, that the light enters it, that it is going to be what is being thought, in other words,
that it is close to the needs of all those who will inhabit it.

Actually, buying off-plan is a good option because the apartment is cheaper. You buy at today’s price and earn the price of the future, which is equivalent to the appreciation, plus the savings indirect costs. 

Direct costs are the difference between the price of materials in the space where the work begins and ends.

Who to buy a house off-plan?

Of course, the most important thing is to know who you are buying from. The honorability of the construction company or the builder plays an important role here, because you are buying an intangible asset.

The person who buys off-plan generally makes a deal on word of mouth, and runs the risk of having the materials changed during construction. 

To avoid these inconveniences, it is advisable to draw up a contract stipulating the quantity and quality of the materials to be used.

After these first steps, it is necessary to take into account basic needs, for example, must be taken into account, such as the following: The location of the project that depends on the needs of the whole family; the economic part. 

That is to say, the availability of money for the down payment and the double expense while the delivery is being made; recreation, which means places not only for the children, but also space for the grown-ups.

Also the services must be taken into account, without limitations of telephones, gas, etc.; the functionality and the education of the children.

In the choice of housing, the school age of the children should be taken into account, since sometimes parents do not ask themselves how close there is a kindergarten or a school, and what recreational space they will have.

Should also be taken into account if the children go to college.Then the question is how many buses you need to take to get there on time, or worse, how many vehicles you need to have to meet your family’s transportation needs. 

If these options are not contemplated, there is discomfort within the family, not taking into account the daily coexistence.

Advice for mature couples before buying a off-plan home

If the buying couple is elderly, they need to be close to a shopping center where they can find everything from a drugstore to a bank.

Other no less important aspects are the interior spaces of your new apartment.

It is good to take into account the spaces in the kitchen, bedrooms and rest areas and ask yourself how pleasant they are and how much rest they can bring to the daily hustle and bustle.

Also, the orientation of the houses or buildings with respect to the position of the sun should be observed in the plan. 

Never neglect the surroundings that in the future you will not build a wall in front of your rooms or you can eventually change because you will lose the investment and the taste for the place where you live.

Ideally, the property to be acquired should have natural light. The same should happen with the ventilation, which should be natural as much as possible, especially for the bathrooms and kitchen. 

Avoid direct ventilation from extractors and electric fans, as this will save money and lower the level of noise pollution.

Finally, the buyer must demand a floor plan of his house or apartment, which is delivered with the deed of the property. This will help the user in case of faults or damages to his residence.

It is a duty of the buyer to know the plans of his new house and if he has doubts ask, do not leave the questions for later, always keep in mind that he will spend most of his life there and it must be the place he has dreamed of.

The main advantage of buying off-plan

The main advantage of buying off-plan is that it saves money. In addition, modifications can be suggested to the builder so that if instead of three bedrooms, only two are needed, the necessary adjustments can be made. In this way, you can use the excess space to build a living room, for example.

The finishes in general can be chosen by the buyer according to his taste and economic capacity. The person who uses this system has direct contact with the builder in all phases of the work. He can get advice from other builders or architects specialized in this field.

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